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Multi-faceted design studio that designs and builds experiences and handmade objects for everyday play. With our participation pieces we utilize compact, modular structures and/or microstructures to invite people in to playfully explore a mini playscape, a specific topic or idea by asking tailored questions or prompting actions. While our handmade products range from miniature sculptures to games. By using sustainable, upcycled, discarded and recycled materials each piece is cut and assembled by hand.

With the goal of making people 1% happier we create playful and innovative new ways to talk, think, and share with functionality and vibrant designs as the highlights of all our work. While we work both on commissioned and self-initiated projects, Frakaono also welcomes a collaborative approach with participants and other makers/creatives to contribute to the development of ongoing work. 
Frakaono is (usually) open for creative collaborations. If you or your company is interested in collaborating, feel free to reach out to collab@frakaono.com with the following: 
               → deadline
               → any budget
               → main collaborators 
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